IIIF beta 0.1 Festival March 2017

International Interdisciplinary Improvisation Festival 0.1 in Amsterdam, 9 – 13 March 2017

Hey all improvisers, instant composers, dancers, musicians, philosophers, pudding makers far and wide !  Come practice and research with us.  From the 9th to the 13th of March 2017,  IP! is supporting IIIF – a beta festival 0.1 that looks at the artistic practice of interdisciplinary improvisation. Those two words are important.  Interdisciplinary and improvisation.  This bitty festival will feel like performers mingling and playing together,  it will feel like serious scientific researchers trying to grasp and record what they are doing and it will feel like a lot of nice people gathering to cook and eat together.

Would you like to participate ?


an invitation by :

Benedikte Esperi (SW)

Thomas Johannsen (NL)

Catharine Cary (US/FR)



supported by the Carpet Sessions Amsterdam, Genetic Choir Amsterdam, Instant Pudding!,  Dansverk and the Faculty of Fine and Applied Art in Gothenburg, Sweden.



One of the crucial elements of advancing an art form is artistic research.  Research and documentation, and the process of doing it, allow the form to open, consider, grow and take pauses to understand.  All three of us, and many others around the world that practice instant composition within one discipline or across many, are interested in growing the knowledge and practice of our art, and increasing its public.

At the moment, our knowledge base is housed on the website of the Carpet Sessions (www.instantcomposition.com), which are the interdisciplinary improvisation research sessions that are happening regularly for the last three years in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.  Look at this post to see an overview of the themes that have been covered in those sessions in the last two years.  In the near future, we will move the Knowledge Base to   it’s own website (currently called improvisation.wiki) to reflect the widening and sharing of this artistic research globally.

Our desire is to render this knowledge base relevant, user-friendly, and global.  If it’s website is well – structured, innovative and interactive, it will be useful.


IIIF 0.1 will be held in Amsterdam, the next ones probably in Gothenburg and Avignon, followed by other European cities where connected improvisation artists live and work.

This first meeting is meant to better define our and your ambition for a connected international community of improvisers that collects and makes useful the various approaches to improvisation.  The intention of this work would be to further connect, inspire and develop pathways between the various communities in Europe and around the world.


One of the great things about today is that there are more and more festivals, workshops, meetings, practice sessions, and movement around interdisciplinary improvisation.  Yes ! This is just one more, until the cup runneth over, and suddenly our art form is everywhere, contaminating everything, and making a lot of people inside and outside of it really happy.

FOR THIS very FIRST just unwrapped BETA IIIF, we are proposing 4 “research circle” sessions to people who have expressed to us a specific interest in the process of documenting artistic research in interdisciplinary improvisation, about 8 people, and we are proposing 3 “open circle” interdisciplinary improvisation practice sessions, designed along the lines of the Carpet Sessions in Amsterdam and the MAC #0’s (Sharpening Stones) of Instant Pudding! in Paris and Dansverk Sweden.  The focus of the “open circle” is practicing instant composition.  The focus of the “research circle” is figuring out how to document it.  The work done in the open circles will inform the work done in the research circles, and vice versa.

The initiative is started by Benedikte, Catharine and Thomas, but we are very open to include more people into the core group of enablers of IIIF.   Come participate if you can, and even if you cannot, let us know if you would be interested, and on what potential level of engagement. (e.g. being associated as an artist in the research, proposing content and being present during all the festival sessions, carrying the project artistically/organisationally with us, supporting IIIF 0.1 by providing sleeping place for someone from abroad, just hopping on and off…)

Here’s who we are :

Benedikte Esperi (SW)

Holds an MFA in Contemporary Performative Arts with practice in dance for screen, physical performance in public space and sound art. She has run the company Dansverk since 2007 which produces solo and ensemble performances. Since 2011, She is also a part time lecturer in dance at The Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg.


Thomas Johannsen (NL)

Performer and performance maker who works on the borders between fine art, theatre, dance and music. Improvisation and open systems of meaning creation form a strong current in all his work. (www.thojoh.com) He is founder and artistic director of the Genetic Choir (www.genetic-choir.org) and created the international platform for Interdisciplinary Instant Composition, with its Amsterdam emanation of the Carpet Sessions. www.instantcomposition.com

Catharine Cary (US/FR)

A visual performative artist known as ‘‘la tagueuse élégante”, Catharine Cary is a painter, a dancer and female.   She is co-founder of Instant Pudding!, a platform that provokes opportunities for sharpening skills for scenic improvisation across Europe.




9 to 13 March 2017


are from 14H to 17 H

on Thursday 9, Saturday 11 and Monday 13 MARCH 2017

– doors open at 13H30

Hey Amsterdamers, you are welcome to decide to join an open circle even one hour before, COME !



That’s the idea of this IIIF –  it will be however we imagine and test it out – drawings, entries in the web site, texts, songs, videos….
For this IIIF beta, Benedikte will be in charge of video documentation that could result in definitions, small instructive moments, or explanations of a technique which sharpens our ability to be present, to notice and to compose in the instant.  The target is moving and the work is evolutionary, we may invent new forms of art and of research during these 4 days.  If you come, you need to be OK with your image being used.

Otherwise, bring an open mind, a big glass of water, a camera if you can shoot video and like to, an instrument.  And a notebook.  Wear comfortable clothes.



sliding scale of 5 to 10 euros per session.



Instant Pudding! launches the « pudding box »

One of the reasons for Instant Pudding! is to increase the audience for ‘Instant Composition’.   Doing good work, publicizing it well, writing articles (see Catharine Cary in Seymour Magazine )  all contribute to this, but we are all assaulted by so much information that sometimes simple human contact and a one to one meeting is best.  Building the audience one by one.

A ‘pudding box’ is a mini – scholarship, that allows a performer to attend a workshop in another European city.  There is a monetary value of around 200 euros to pay for the workshop and housing provided in the city of destination, all given by an individual that is not in the dance/performance/art world, but who has been asked nicely by one of us to do it!

When a performer stays with a hosting non-performer, they get to know each other.  The host will likely come to the performance at the end of the workshop.  She/He will get to know the person and the art form.  And we bet she will like it, because we do good work.  She becomes an engaged audience, and we build our public one by one.

The first ‘pudding box’ has been awarded for participation in the IMPROXCHANGE festival in Berlin in July 2016, and is funded by Pierre Van der Wiel, a talented interior designer.

Premier Rendez-vous Transversalité au MAC#1

Pour le premier rendez-vous transversalité de la saison, Marguerite Papazoglou, responsable du projet ENS-Improvisation, invite Thierry Gianarelli à venir partager Neurosciences et travail de la perception avec une pratique de la danse et de l’improvisation.

L’atelier-conférence-espace de discussion Sciences cognitives et Danse de mardi prochain, le 25 novembre, aura lieu de 18h30 à 21h en salle d’expression artistique située au 1er sous-sol de l’immeuble Rataud (fléché le jour de l’événement) au 45 rue d’Ulm.

L’événement est ouvert à tous, pour information l’accès à l’ENS est ouvert au public jusqu’à 20h30. Aussi n’hésitez pas à relayer l’information si vous le souhaitez.
Plus d’infos et inscriptions : contact@instant-pudding.com ou margo.ppz@gmail.com ou +33 (0)
Transversalité#1 Thierry_Gianarelli

Venasque, fin de résidence… Darkness, baby!

Voilà, notre première résidence s’est terminée samedi dernier, avec à son bord une belle équipe de 9 artistes, composée de huit danseurs et une photographe : Margaux Amoros, Sarah Blum, Cécile Brousse, Catharine Cary, Arielle Chauvel-Lévy, Jean David, Marie Desoubeaux, John Koratjitis et Marguerite Papazoglou.
Notre thème de la semaine : Noirceur. Perdus au milieu des champs du Vaucluse, des montagnes, des cailloux et des herbes hautes, des lumières d’orages et des étourneaux, nous avons passé une semaine à explorer les différents possibles, des états de corps et d’esprit plongeant dans cette matière noire et allant explorer nos faces les plus sombres…
La semaine fût courte mais riche en projets et recherches, avec à la clé deux belles performances, au Chateau d’Unang et au sein de notre maison mère au coeur du village, ainsi qu’une très belle série de photos et de films.

Sarah nous a fait l’honneur de son travail et de sa collaboration, nous partagerons bientôt le fruit de ce travail sur le site et sur Facebook!

venasque residency


équipe de Darkness au quasi-complet, pendant un de nos MAC#1 matinal, juste avant l’orage.


Nous vous souhaitons un bel été à tous!