For five years running, Instant Pudding! has organized residences in Venasque, a micro village perched on a big rock in Provence.  These residencies allows the Instant Pudding! pool of performers to work together for a week, digging deeper into their practice, taking advantage of rainstorms to dance, being quiet in the heat and sneaking out in the dark to dance in medieval arches.  Each residency culminates with one or two performances, and as time goes by, the interdisplinary nature of our partnerships are allowing new doors into new creations.

The summer 2017 residency will welcome the talents of Emmanuelle Pépin, Laura Sarah Dowdall, Heini Nukari, Catharine Cary and Carly Allard.

A fall 2016 private residency with Emmanuelle Pépin yielded three days of pure joy.

The summer 2016 residence focussed on musicality and dance, bring together dancers and musicians on the edge of cliffs, in a schoolyard and inside an exhibit of paintings in the village of Saint Didier.

The summer 2014 residency focused on ‘Darkness Baby’,  a collaborative travail with photographer Sarah Blum which culminated in a performance at the Unang Chateau and a display of images at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris in September.

In September 2014, IP! organized a week-long conversation residence in London.  Hosted by John Koratjitis, the week melded Marguerite Papazoglou, Catharine Cary and Alex Baker.

The summer 2013 residency created 5 pieces in 5 rooms, inviting the local public to witness dancing in downpour and #ourworldisupsidedown.

The house in Venasque is always open for self-directed residencies.  Contact us.

If you need a place to sharpen your practice or improvisation, by yourself, or with collaborators, let us know.